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Estabilished in 1998, Digi Touch is a hub for creativity where we give shape to your imagination – we strongly believe that Imagination is the Reality of the Dreamer. We have expertise in Film Production, Post Production and creating Promotional content. We employ state of the art technology and we take pride in our teams creative ability to deliver industry, the best output.




We offer end-to-end solution in the following areas:

    • Concept to Broadcast.
    • From Ad Films to Avs
    • High-end machines
    • Across genres, platforms and media
    • Internal communications for corporates

We offer a complete Digitally integrated active production environment which helps in streamlining data flow, work flow and resource management to maximise output while keeping the timelines.

Post Production

We have an entire gamut of compositing applications to cater to any requirement you may have. We offer following services:

  • Flame, FCP, 3D Max, After Effects
  • Video Editing & Conversion
  • Digital Transformation
  • Sound Mixing & Voice Dubbing
  • Visual Effects, Motion Graphics and Croma Processing
  • 2D/ 3D Animation, Story Board Graphics


We have a strong team which is sensitized to the issues faced by production houses today when it comes to Broadcasting.

Our Qualified Technical Staff makes sure that the Quality of the Material & its Broadcasting formats are as per the technical specifications provided by the Channels.

We offer the following :

  • Personalized Digital Cloud Links
  • Non Expiry WeTransfer Links
  • Pen Drive Transfers & Deliveries
  • Dropbox & Google Drive Links

Its easy to acquire the cutting edge technology, but difficult to get people with a positive attitude to match. Digitouch has successfully put together this rare combination. Congrats Digi !!! Gopi Kukde


Its been a pleasure working with a bunch of extremely talented and creative professionals who go out of their comfort zone to deliver the job . Keep up the good work and congratulations.Porus Khareghat - Ogilvy & Mathar, National Films Head, Mumbai


Digi Touch is one of the most professional and creative post production studios in Mumbai. They are a perfect team of multi talented and hardworking individuals with amazing technical know-how. As a director they have helped me achieve amazing results on many of my films.Adesh Navkudkar - Holistic Films Pvt. Ltd.

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